Everything you need to know about the beautiful Naousa of Paros.

Naousa, the traditional fishing village with the largest fishing fleet in Cyclades, lies in the northern edge of Paros, with one of the most traditional small harbors teaming with scenic fishing boats at its center. Modern living comforts and the intense night life have not yet corrupted its traditional values.
A careful look into chapels and other buildings will leave you speechless once you realize that marbles from Ancient Greek temples have been used on their walls. In many cases you can see entire columns adjusted to the needs of the people that used to live here centuries ago.
The monuments and sightseeing in scenic Naousa, will assure you that this island apart from a bright future, also has a past, on which it steps firmly and aims to display it on every opportunity. In this wonderful fishing village we have built Mary’s House Studios and we offer you unique hospitality in rooms decorated with love, care and attention to detail.

A few more details about Naousa…

Paros’s Naousa is the second largest town of Paros island after Paroikia from which its 10 km’s away. It is home to one of seven districts of the municipality of Paros to which all the northern villages, such as Ampelas, Kamares, Kolympithres, Lageri, Livadia, Ksifara, Prwtorgia and several monasteries, come under.
As a village, Naousa is said to have been created around the small harbor during the Byzantine period. It had a fortified wall, part of which is preserved up until today, that ended at a small castle that was a Venetian bastion, a part of which is also preserved.
It is noteworthy that both the byzantine and the post-byzantine periods are imprinted in the old houses and the small but of historical significance churches of the region. Naousa’s main church is dedicated to the Assumption.

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