pezoporiaThe environmental and cultural park in Naousa (Monastiri) is a protected peninsula with 800 acres of historical value which offers a network of trails and paths for unique experiences and unforgettable exploration. In Paros you can participate in organized hikings. Apart from them there are trails to take on your own and enjoy the natural beauty of the island. You should be prepared for short and long distances with sneakers.


The climate and weather conditions as well as the geological characteristics of Paros favor a series of sport activities. Paros is an ideal destination for water sports lovers. Several beaches have exceptional infrastructure for windsurfers of all levels, from beginners to champions. Especially the eastern and western beaches of the island are considered to be amongst the best for windsurfing and kitesurfing worldwide. Water skiing is another fun activity appropriate for all ages, and much easier than one might think!


activities-in-naousaThe underwater geology of Paros is quite interesting. The seabed is abundant with rich fauna, underwater caves and shipwrecks of rare beauty. One can find scuba diving lessons and gear rental at Santa Maria and Faragga beaches. Prepare yourselves for diving sessions and underwater tours to meet the hidden natural and cultural treasures of the Aegean. Your tour guide will be PetrosNikolaides, a marine biologist-oceanographer, sea project engineer, professional diver and colleague of the legendary Jack-Yves Cousteau and the National Geographic Society. 


At Paros’ Ampelas, you have the possibility to take horse riding lessons both for children as well as for adults. You can also take part in fun horse riding excursions in the country side. At the various horse riding centers, daily tours are available both during morning hours as well as in the evening, with the escort of experienced guides. Horse riding fanatics will be able to enjoy the stroll around western Paros with pure bread horses available for rental from excellent stables. The sandy beaches offer interesting routes to take in order to enjoy the natural beauty of the island. 

activities-in-naousaThe people of Naousa host wine and fish festivals on the first Sunday of July. Another great celebration is the 23rd of August where the locals, wanting to banish the ghosts of pirates that roamed the island for many years, reenact the invasion of pirates in the harbor. There are many festivals at Paros since every saint has a little church on the island dedicated to him. And despite the fact that nowadays there are many other modern ways of enjoyment, these festivals are maintained whilst providing a chance for the people of Paros to get together and have fun.

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